Hello! Welcome to my site.

I'm Dj Will Stokes.  Your visit to my site is very appreciated.  I hope your visit will be enjoyable, pleasurable, memorable, and exciting.  I'm an old school deejay, but I do mix new music too.  I've been deejaying since 1982. This website is about my musical expression of non-stop music mixing.  I consider myself an average deejay with basic scratching and blending skills.  I'm retired from the Mobile DJ scene.  But I do creep out once in a while to do a gig.  Deejaying is my hobby.  It's something that I do to kill time and relax.  When I'm in the mood to make a mix, I go to my deejay studio (which is a room in my basement) and make a mix.  If I like the mix, I share it with the world by posting it on my website.